Cable Assemblies Take Flight!

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Chances are the last time you hopped on a plane, you weren’t thinking about the myriad of parts and components that go into making it possible for you to travel in the air from one destination to another. But we at Bracke Manufacturing do think of those types of things because we manufacture some of the parts that go into the making of every plane.

While your mind may be boggled by just trying to think about all the cable assemblies, coaxial bulk cables, and attenuators, you might be even more boggled by the time lapse video below. It shows a day in the life of the world’s traffic patterns.

So, the next time you take flight, you can ponder not only the intricacies of all that went into the making of the airplane you are on, but also the broader vision of all the planes and people traveling around the world at the same time as you!

Yes, all those little yellow dots are airplanes!

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