High Performance Series of Phase Trimmers

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October 4, 2012

Bracke Manufacturing, LLC, a leading manufacturer of RF & Microwave components based in Irvine California, is pleased to announce the release of a new High Performance series of Phase Trimmers with working frequency range from 50 MHz to 18 GHz.  The Bracke Manufacturing phase trimmers are designed for applications where phase matching between cables or test equipment is critical to system performance.  At elevated frequencies discrete changes in phase can require minute physical adjustment in the length of the electrical path.  The phase trimmers enable the engineer or technician to make precise adjustment to the phase without otherwise degrading the signal.  These threaded Phase Trimmers offer extremely low VSWR of 1.3:1 thru 18 GHz, low insertion loss, smooth continuous adjustment and come with locking nuts.

High Performance Phase Trimmers

The phase shift is accomplished by having a turnbuckle style sleeve having an open interior cylindrical wall surface with opposite open ends of the interior wall surface having threads of equal but opposite pitch. A central conductor comprising of telescoping male and female connectors each having means for connection to one of the center conductors of a coaxial cable.  The phase adjustment range is 10 degrees x Frequency in GHz. Impedance is 50 Ohms with an operating temperature range from -40 to +120 C. All Bracke phase trimmers feature bodies made of passivated stainless steel per QQ-S-764 TYPE 303, contacts manufactured with beryllium copper per QQ-C-530 plated gold per MIL-G-45204: TYPE II along with PTFE insulators per MIL-P-19468A.  All connector interfaces are per MIL-STD-38 & MIL-39012. The devices have been tested for thermal shock, moisture resistance, vibration and shock.

Bracke Manufacturing, LLC’s standard Phase Trimmers are available off the self for immediate delivery starting at $159.95 in quantities less than 25 pieces.  Custom phase shifters utilizing other connector types along with direct cable attachment are available typically within 2 weeks or less.  For more information, please see our web site www.brackemfg.com or call our customer service or technical departments at 949-756-1600.

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