Unmanned Aircraft Enabled By Microwave Components

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Unmanned aircraft, sometimes known as unmanned aerial vehicles or UAVs, are controlled either remotely by radio signals from a control base on land or autonomously via on-board computers.  They can perform a variety of functions including search and rescue, fire fighting and military operations, all without placing a pilot or other operator in harms way.  The commonly known military UAV is often referred to as a drone (of which the “Predator” is a well-known model).  Such drones have proven highly effective in regions where it would be too risky or costly to send in live troops.  Such missions range from live-fire combat operations to stealthy surveillance and intelligence gathering.


Due to their extensive use in military conflicts over the past decade, UAV’s have continued to evolve with the advent of newly developed technologies and improvements.  They are now able to carry out complex technical operations, fly deeper into hostile territories due to improvements in refueling capabilities, and send back detailed information to bases controlling their movements.  These exciting advances in technical capabilities are supported by an entire industry of component and technical parts manufacturers which includes Bracke Manufacturing.

Different types of UAV’s are identified by the tasks they are designed to carry out, how far they are capable of flying and the altitude at which  they fly.  The important work carried out by unmanned vehicles is possible due to the technical capabilities of these aircraft.  Many of the tasks for which they are used require the onboard computers or remote controller to receive detailed and highly accurate data.  To enable this degree of data collection, the aircraft are fitted with a range of devices for listening, sensing and detection.  Cameras, microphones and wave detectors are used to analyze terrain, intercept transmitted signals or detect signs of life such as heat and movement.

The information collected by drone aircraft must be highly accurate for their work to be effective.  This requires reliable and accurate transmission and receiving of signals from the drones and their target data source.  The antennae, signal transmitters and receivers on UAVs require radio components, such as coaxial cables, coaxial connectors and cable assemblies, to work to exact levels.  Precision performance is required from the wiring and electronics in these communication and data gathering systems.  Components such as phase trimmers and attenuators are used to ensure the required level of control and highly accurate adjustments are carried out.  These types of components can be supplied by Bracke Manufacturing for use both on aircraft and ground control station equipment.

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