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An RF Coaxial Terminations are a passive 1-port interconnect device, which provides a resistive power termination to properly terminate the output port of a device under test (DUT) or to terminate one end of an RF test cable. These devices can be used in the field, to possibly terminate the unused port of a multiport RF coaxial switch or of a directional coupler. Mainly, however, these impedance termination devices are used in various factory or laboratory Test & Measurement applications.

RF Coaxial Terminations are available in various power ratings and in a wide variety of standard coaxial connector types (e.g., N, SMA, BNC). They can also provide a variety of impedances, such as a short-circuit termination. More typically, however, these terminations provide a “matching impedance”–either 50 Ω or 75 Ω–to match the characteristic impedance of a particular coaxial cable or transmission system. Some RF Coaxial Terminations include a heat sink to dissipate substantial RF power (up to its rated power value).

Specific attributes which are important in selecting the right RF Coaxial Termination for your application include the Series for the coaxial connector type (N, SMA, BNC, etc.), its Gender (Male or Female), and its nominal Impedance value, in Ohms (50 or 75Ω).

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