Satellites and Microwave Components

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Satellites are essential for many forms of technology and communication that we use everyday.  Television and radio signals, navigation systems, military communications, radar, scientific study, space exploration, weather forecasting, atmospheric study and search and rescue systems all use satellites.  They work by receiving a signal sent up from earth. This signal is then strengthened and re-transmitted down to earth from the satellite.   This process of sending signals into space to then be “bounced back” in order to reach around the globe is required due to the roundness of the Earth.  There are currently over three thousand satellites orbiting in space.

Satellites and microwave components

The signals from earth are sent from and received by earth stations with large antennae and receiving dishes.   Stations that receive the signals and transmit them to telecommunication networks or the internet are known as hub stations.  Signals can also be sent up and down to control the satellite itself and receive information about its work and performance.

In order to send a strong enough signal to the satellite, the earth stations require specialist radio equipment and antennae systems.  These require a wide range of component parts to refine and transmit the required strength of signal.  They must also try to minimize interference as the signal travels the long distance to the receiving satellite.  The satellite then either bounces the same signal back or needs to modulate the signal to increase its strength and re-transmit it to an earth station from where receiving equipment can channel the signal to its intended destination.

For each of the points of transmitting and receiving the signal there is a wide range of radio and microwave technology and components employed in the systems carrying out these essential tasks.  Bracke Manufacturing supplies many components, connectors and systems for modulating, channeling and reducing interference on the signals sent and received by satellites.  Precision parts such as attenuators, dc blocks, waveguides and phase trimmers ensure the signals are successfully transmitted, with the correct frequencies and wavelengths, over large distances, up and down from the satellites and from there around the world.   Satellite systems, and the quality components that support them, enable the global communications systems we use every day.

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